Welcome to Heart Centered Wellness

Wellness is not just a lack of illness, but a state of human flourishing and thriving.  It is our natural state when the different levels of our being (body, mind, and spirit) are integrated and functioning in a coherent harmony.  We are in our essence, energy beings and when our life energy is unbalanced in some way, we experience dis-ease which may be mild to severe, and is reflected in our emotions, our mental state, or with physical symptoms.  Although for thousands of years the world’s health systems were holistic and used natural substances and life style practices to maintain or return our energetic balance when it was disrupted, for the past century western medicine has become more and more exclusively dependent upon drug therapies which alter the body’s biochemistry and, with few exceptions, treat the symptoms not the cause of the dysfunction.  Based in a reductionist viewpoint our current medical system treats parts rather than the whole person. The rapidly declining health of our culture bespeaks the inadequacy of these methods.

Heart Centered Wellness is a comprehensive prevention and wellness process that honors the whole person and regards the conscious evaluation and integration of all dimensions of life as equally important.  Practitioners are trained and certified facilitators who work with you to assess where you are now, where you would like to be, and then with a variety of non-drug,  non device methods uniquely designed for your needs, to assist you to reach the level of wellness you desire.  We do not sell any products or devices.

Heart Centered Wellness includes:

-A variety of assessment tools that provide a holistic overview of the whole person.

-Practices which expand your conscious awareness and promote internal and external coherence.

-Life style adjustments and practices that are practical to apply in real life.

-Mentoring/coaching that provides the tools, concepts, training and support needed to achieve your goals.

-Educational information and references that enhance and support your personal growth and development.

-Inclusion of the spiritual dimension of life.