The Heart Field: What it is. How it works. Why it matters.

Science is gradually beginning to recognize what ancient traditions and mystics have spoken of for thousands of years!  Our primitive sense of ‘matter’ as a solid object, existing separately from its environment and others has been a long held illusion.  We now understand our bodies to be a multilayered field of energy.   Still mostly space and interwoven with others and our environments–inner and outer–we are a living matrix of vibrational resonance and entanglement.  In my just released book of this title, I describe in everyday language how our heartbeat itself is our unique vibrational signature; the primary ‘drumbeat of our life’; that initiates, coordinates, and regulates the multiple dimensions of body/mind/spirit that make up our personal whole being.  It forms our dynamic Heart Field, the toroidal flow of energy we know as us.


The vibrational harmonics contained in each heartbeat energetically connect us with others, our environment, and Divine Source itself.  A decade ago I did research documenting The Heart Field Effect, which demonstrated not only the synchronization of heartbeats between people, but also showed actual physical and emotional changes within others as our Heart Fields encounter and connect with theirs.  The implications of this are so far out of our commonly held frame of reference for how life works that it remains  as yet largely unknown, even within the holistic community.  Key within it is the realization that it is our heart, not our brain, that is the functional control center of our lives.  Once recognized, it becomes clear that we need to expand our consciousness beyond the mental realm of thought, to the higher and deeper level of our connections to the collective that can only be experienced at the level of heart.

In The Heart Field, a brief overview of what this energy is and how it works provides the framework for understanding Heart Centered Wellness, the detailed map of how to understand and interact with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of our whole being with conscious intention.  Meditation that goes beyond mindfulness to the inner knowing of unitive experience found only in our heart is the key to our conscious awareness of ourselves as spirit.  It takes meditation to the next step from mental awareness of mind to the experience of spiritual awareness of our union with all that is.  This is the feminine magnetic attracting principle of the Divine meant to operate seamlessly with the masculine electrical action principle of the brain.

The exclusive focus on mental intellectual activity disconnected from the intuitive spiritual heart has created lives and a world unbalanced by the other half of the whole.  In this new age, the return of the feminine and reunion of head and heart is the necessary expansion of human knowing that takes us out of the either/or world of duality presented to us by the mind, and extends our conscious knowing to the connected collective of the heart, where the experienced reality is connection rather than separation;  love  rather than fear.

Specific practices to work with ourselves energetically in each of our dimensions allow us to regain personal responsibility for our health and wellness with tools that, when practiced consistently, take us beyond just prevention of disease to the possibility of thriving and abundant living spoken of by spiritual teachers over the millennia.  The Heart Field provides both the new understanding of ourselves as beings of energy and light, and the practices that allow us to become responsible for the energy we bring into each space of our daily lives.

For those accessible to the Kansas City, MO, area I will be presenting a keynote address on The Heart Field to the International Society for Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine ( Conference, September 21-24, 2016.  The theme of the conference this year is “Heart 2 Heart,” and other speakers include Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marilyn Schlitz, Dr. Norman Shealy, Claude Swanson, and others.

Whether at a conference, reading the book, or on your own, spend a few minutes each day closing your ‘outside eyes’ and becoming aware of the feeling of your heartbeat.  As you develop a familiarity with the constant ‘lub-dub’ of each beat, it will reward your attention with treasures of intuitive information in the ‘still small voice’ of spirit that is always present, loving, and true, and will lead you gradually to the experience of your own True Self.


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