– Christine Caldwell Bair, PhD, ThD, RN, LPC, LMFT,


Recent health research has focused on subtle energy and vibrational frequency as key components of health and healing. Intentional direction of bioenergy is receiving increasing scientific attention. The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of the healer’s heart field upon subjects during energy healing, as measured by synchronization of heart rates and scores on a Subjective Units of Distress (SUD) scale and Profile of Mood States (POMS) inventory. A nonequivalent pretest post test design was used based on heart rate comparison of healer and subject, and correlated with pre-and post-test SUDs and Profiles of Mood States scores. The subjects included two populations: N = 50 who sat within the 3-4 foot “strong” range of the healer’s heart field, the independent variable, while using self application of the WHEE energy healing technique, and N = 41 who completed the same process beyond the 15-18 foot range of the healer’s heart field. The dependent measures were heart rate, Subjective Units of Distress, and Profile of Mood States inventory. All subjects completed these measures within one hour. Statistically significant heart rate synchronization was found in the intervention population. Subjective Units of Distress and Profile of Mood States scores demonstrated more improvement than the control population, indicating additional benefit beyond the WHEE effect alone. Additional interesting findings are presented. Implications and future research recommendations are included.
Key Words:
Heart, energy healing, healer effect, heart field, synchronization, entrainment, spiritual healing, bio-fields, coherence, energy exchange between people. .

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