Heart Centered Wellness™ is a (w)holistic prevention and wellness healthcare model based on the concept of wellness as a spiritual state of positive and abundant living; or as it’s called in psychology, thriving.  It is our natural state; always inherent and resuming when obstructions or disconnections are resolved.  It recognizes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of human being and offers counseling, education, and practices allowing the client to integrate all the dimensions of themselves into a coherent whole.

Based upon an understanding of human beings as energy, light, and information functioning according to universal principles of vibration and resonance, HCW uses a holistic perspective and a variety of modalities to assess and balance energy flow within and between the interdependent aspects of our being, with others and our environment.  Attention to the heart as the vibrational source of human function is central.  It initiates, regulates, and coordinates all aspects of life.  Key to all HCW is teaching clients how to become consciously aware of their heart and attuned to the information it constantly provides.

A health rather than dis-ease model, HCW incorporates a positive focus on response-ability, and personal strengths as the foundation of life style choices and intentional living. This comprehensive approach evaluates each level from the client’s unique perspective, recognizing them, rather than the practitioner, as the expert and healer of their life.  The practitioner helps the client assess the state and function of physical, mental, and spiritual levels of living and also the communication and balance among them.  Their life purpose is considered the context within which each dimension is viewed.  Emotion is recognized as the domain of the heart, and feelings as energetic signals of energy flow or obstruction.

At the physical level HCW looks at the balance of motion (exercise), rest, fuel (nutrition), and environment, as well body type.

At the mental level, balance of left/right brain, hypo/hyper- activity, and stimulation for growth are considered.  Head/heart communication, balance and self-talk reveal the client’s sense of separation or union with aspects of self, others, and our world.

At the spiritual level experience, perspective, awareness, interest, and activity provide the client’s “context of meaning” or values which determine their perceptions and evaluation of life experiences.  Increasing Resilience and inner peace resulting from intentional choices gives clients both internal control and motivation.

Wellness is enhanced and disease prevented by means of:

Education/ information

– assessment provides a clear picture of where you are and where you want to be.

-understanding E-motion (energy in motion) and the role of feelings.  Listening to feelings, learning their message.

-Attention, intention and adapting in a positive manner facilitates health and growth.

Meditation – enhances awareness, expands perception, increases HRV (heart rate variability) resulting from a regular practice of stillness and inner consciousness.

Grounding and balancing techniques to enhance healthy energy flow and optimize function.

Intentional choice-making.  Increases personal control and responsibility for one’s own health.

Positive regard and support– HCW practitioners provide a safe setting, see all clients as unique, whole persons with a life purpose, and provide information and practices that support their growth into their TRUE SELF, evidenced by resilience, joy in living, healthy relationships, and a high level of physical and mental health.

Life energy operates beyond the confines of time and space allowing distance or in person counseling to be equally effective.

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