All is Well

Always in all ways perfect Love casts out fear. Today it is critical to realize that this is not just a religious ideal, but rather a statement of spiritual and scientific fact. Unconditional Love is the most powerful source of healing there is, and it is constantly available to everyone wherever, whomever we are. The experience of fear marks those moments and situations where we feel disconnected from the awareness of this Presence within us.

Fear is not just a feeling or emotional state. It has been shown by cell biologists to instantly lower our immune system’s strength by at least half. It paralyzes our body’s physical ability to respond, and contracts our mental function to the ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ mode of the stress response. The antidote, present within each of us is easily accessed by shifting our attention from without to within, taking several deep and slow breaths, and sensing our own heartbeat. In these two simple acts, bringing our breath and heartbeat into our conscious awareness, is the confirmation–we are alive. Instantly banishing our deepest fear–that we might not be alive–we are filled with gratitude and joy as a deep peace suffuses our being. In our direct experience that we are a Being, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually present in this world, we are healed.

Even more, we are empowered to go forth and be that power of Love as embodied presence in all the moments and experiences the day will bring, radiating it to others and bringing their life energy into resonant alignment as well. Literally manifesting the truth of the statement “Perfect Love casts out fear” and able to express that reality here in the world–embodied in us, as us–of being Love as best we are able.

In the days to come we will collectively be co-creating a new reality in the world. As the old dissolves away a new will emerge. What that will look like and be like will largely be determined by our collective feelings, thoughts, and actions. Each of us knowingly or unknowingly contributes to the ultimate result. Choose Love.

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